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At MonoWare Web, we are proud of our expertise in OpenCart, one of the most popular ecommerce management systems, which we recommend to customers who wish to start their own e-shop or upgrade an existing one.

OpenCart is an open source e-commerce management platform that has gained popularity due to its many advantages, such as high performance, the ability to create unlimited pages and content, as well as the fact that it is fully scalable and adaptable to your business needs.

It forms the basis of our online stores, offering easy content management for the user, flexibility to add new products and scalability to ensure a confident response to your future needs.

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The Benefits of Using OpenCart

OpenCart has many positive features that make it an ideal choice for many entrepreneurs. It has been designed with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use, so managing products, orders and customers is simple and accessible even for beginners.

It provides a wealth of themes and add-ons while offering flexibility and scalability, allowing users to develop new functionality in their store to meet their own needs. In addition, it is known for its efficiency, as its code is lightweight, offering fast page loading and a good user experience.

Finally through OpenCart we have the ability to create bridges with all popular ERP and CRM programs, such as SOFTONE, so that you can directly update your e-shop's inventory in real time.

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The Best solution for your business

OpenCart is addressed to small and medium-sized businesses, sole traders and large companies that wish to create and easily manage a dynamic and efficient online store. The platform offers flexibility, ease of use and advanced features for creating and developing an online store.

In addition, the built-in multi-store capability and support for multiple languages and currencies make OpenCart an ideal solution for international trade.

Migration to OpenCart

Improve your business's efficiency, switch to OpenCart

OpenCart Hosting

Fast and secure hosting for your online store

ERP and CRM Synchronization

Integrated management, effective data analysis

Custom Modules

Custom Modules, adapted to your business needs

Do you want to create a new e-shop or do you wish to migrate your existing store to a more efficient, fast and flexible platform?

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