Unlimited Possibilities


With over ten years of experience, we manage to build websites and e-shop that stand out in every business sector, as by combining knowledge and creativity, we provide unique, integrated solutions tailored to the requirements of each business sector.

Along with our expertise and passion for innovation, we want your business to stand out, making the most of its potential, bringing it to a new digital level.

Whether it's a company profile page or a dynamic e-shop, our team is here to guide you every step of the way and suggest new ideas to showcase your business value.

Web Development

Developing contemporary websites

E-Commerce Solutions

Connecting to ERP, CRM, Marketplaces

Custom Websites, Apps & Plugins

Solutions, adapted to your needs

Our Philosophy

Crafting Code, Creating Connections

The ability of a website to respond seamlessly to growing demand and adapt to the changing needs of the user is what motivates every solution we offer.
At MonoWare Web, we understand that every project is unique. From identifying each client's unique needs to creating customized solutions, we are always ready to respond flexibly to any challenge.
Our commitment to high performance is reflected in every line of code we write. From the first line to the last, our team is focused on creating solutions that not only meet current needs, but also pave the way for the next wave of technology.

Powerful Solutions


At MonoWare Web, we are proud of our expertise in OpenCart, one of the most popular online store management systems.

It forms the basis of our online stores, offering easy content management, flexibility to add new products and scalability to meet your future needs. Furthermore, through OpenCart we have the ability to create bridges with all popular ERP and CRM programs, such as SOFTONE, so you can directly update your e-shop inventory in real-time.

Whether you have a new idea you want to bring online or you want to transition your existing store to a more efficient, fast and flexible platform, our team is here to discuss your options.

01 Functionality
02 Expandability & Flexibility
03 Responsive Design
04 User-Friendly Interface
05 Maintenance & Optimization